Alicia Scarborough

Senior Physiotherapist + Clinic Owner

Alicia graduated from Sydney University with a Masters in Physiotherapy in 2011, and started her private practice career with Greater West Physiotherapy (now known as Physio Inq). She worked across the St Clair and Penrith clinics and it was during these years that Alicia really solidified her passion for physiotherapy, and treating musculoskeletal injuries.

After more than 7 years (and 2 children), business ownership was the next step for Alicia, professionally. In 2019, she boldly purchased both the Physio Inq St Mary's and St Clair clinics, doing this in order to ensure a long and satisfying career. Alicia gradually phased herself out of hands-on clinical work, and now spends her time mentoring the next generation of physiotherapists and exercise physiologists, and rising to the challenges of running a business.

With a third baby, it was time for a third clinic, and in early 2022, Alicia purchased Physio Inq Wetherill Park, becoming the first Physio Inq franchisee with three clinics.

Alicia has a special interest in the lower back, pelvis and pregnancy-related issues, and loves treating the complexities that problems in these areas can lead to. When it comes to the range of conditions Alicia has experienced and treated, "variety is the spice of life."

Continuing to learn, and pass on that learning, is an integral part to both being an experienced therapist, and a business owner. Alicia is constantly learning by attending courses and learning off her peers, and this means that all options are available when it comes to the right treatment for any patient attending her clinics.

Darren Simpson

Senior Physiotherapist

Darren, our senior Physiotherapist, is our longest standing staff member and has been with Physio Inq since almost the beginning. Darren, or Daz as we prefer, is a former soldier with a background in mechanical engineering and sports science. After spending 2 years working as a trainer at Surrey County Cricket Club in England, he returned home to complete his physiotherapy studies at Sydney University. Joining PINQ in 2008 as a new grad, he has gone on to work in many of our clinics, and since 2015, has been back at St Clair where it all started.

A true polymath, with interests in many diverse areas of life including, history, cosmology, literature, pop culture, motorsports, philosophy, travelling and chocolate, Darren has often stated that his next career move will likely be into archeology or particle physics. Daz believes that everybody has a story to tell, and he is always keen to hear them, and with such a wide range of interests he is able to chat with just about anyone about just about anything.

Joshua Onden Lim

Senior Physiotherapist

Josh completed his Master of Physiotherapy degree at the University of Sydney in 2015. He joined our team in 2021 after receiving extensive experience within the public hospital system. Josh loves treating the variety of conditions people present with in our clinic and he’s keen on working together with you to achieve your goals. He’s an avid dancer, soccer player and runner, so you may see him at your local dance studio, soccer pitch or parkrun.

Kathryn Zammit

Senior Physiotherapist

After completing her Masters of Physiotherapy at The University of Sydney Kathryn joined the Physio Inq team and has since been honing her skills and increasing her knowledge exponentially. Her passion for learning and tenacity ensures that all her patients receive the best service and outcome for every injury or condition. Her natural caring nature and compassion makes her a favourite for both patients and staff and you will be confident she can treat you, your family and friends to the highest possible standard.

Samantha Bayliss

Senior Client Relationship Manager

Samantha has been a valued member of our team since 2008. If you call our Head Office she will be the bubbly voice that answers the phone or the smiley face when you come in for a visit. She has years of experience in customer service and utilizes the skills she has developed over the years to go above and beyond for our clients. As well as being busy at work, her 3 kids always keep her and hubby on the run with numerous after school sports.

Emma Grant

Client Relationship Manager

Emma joined the Physio Inq St Clair team after many years managing a dancing school and doing bookkeeping. She has a bubbly personality with a bright smile and you will instantly feel at ease when entering the clinic. When Emma is not in the clinic is is still managing the dancing school, doing some accounts work and being the taxi service to her two very talented, sporty children.

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