Pre-Employment & Ongoing Functional Assessment

A Functional Employment Assessment combines both Pre-Employment Functional Assessments and Ongoing Functional Assessments to provide employers and workers with an overall functional capacity evaluation that measures a person’s capacity for work.

These assessments can be utilised pre-employment and during employment to assess an persons capacity to work.

A tailored exercise program can be developed from the Functional Employment Assessment to target any areas of physical weakness, as well as identify specific tasks that may pose a risk of injury.

What is involved in a Functional Employment Assessment?

Our Physio Inq St Clair Functional Employment Assessment has been designed by Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists to suit any person and any job.

A Functional Employment Assessment includes:

  • General Health, Movement and Strength Screening
  • Full body fitness and strength assessments
  • Assessment of health status and identification of weaker areas
  • Personalised exercises to provide support and prevention of identified weaker areas
  • Additional tests or screens required by workplace

At the end of a Functional Employment Assessment, your therapist will provide an east-to-read report for yourself and your employer.

If additional therapy is recommended, this will be provided in your report and a tailored program will be designed and taught to you during subsequent sessions.

When is the best time to do a Functional Employment Assessment?

A Functional Employment Assessment can be done at any point throughout the course of employment. It’s never too early or too late to prevent an injury!

How do I book a Functional Employment Assessment appointment?

Call our clinic on (02) 9670 3800 to speak to one of our friendly staff and book in an appointment. No referrals are needed.

What types of Physiotherapy does our St Clair clinic offer?

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